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Me & my wall of novel planning sticky notes in  2010

Me & my wall of novel planning sticky notes in 2010

Christina A. Nelson (that’s me! Also known as Christina Wert) is a writer hoping to get her first novel in a fantasy series published sometime soon.

Sure, it’s taken me a while, but here’s my journey so far. I went to college (where I got my web design degree), then graduated and moved to Franklin, TN where I worked for three years doing web design. I got married to my back-end web coding man James (better known as Wervyn) moved to Atlanta, and then we bought a house in Decatur! So, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself 😛 The house serves as my main writing HQ and art studio, and our two kitties Panger and Moss keep me company.

I’ve been thinking up stories since I was too young to write in complete sentences, and ever since I learned to type, I’ve been an unstoppable storytelling force! I write primarily fantasy, but I’m hoping to write many stories in different genres over my lifetime. Whatever I write, I try to heavily ground it in my love for anthropology, history, and the human experience.

Panger & Moss, tolerating and fascinated by each other respectively.

Panger & Moss, tolerating and fascinated by each other, respectively.

If you’d like to know more about my biggest project, check out my Great Blog Tour entry. If I post surveys, Q&A or other things about myself, I tag them “About the Author,” so feel free to peruse those. My friend Diane Kilmer interviewed me in 2010, if you’re interested in an outside perspective.

Check out my writing progress and get short synopses on what I’m working on my Writings page. If you’re a fellow writer, check out my Links for Authors to get info on all the software and sites I use to help me in my process. And if you’re curious why I use the handle “puelladocta” on social media, I explain it in this post from a few years back.

Thanks for visiting!

~ Christina


Drop me a note! For faster results, you can contact me via social media (links floating to the left), or shoot me an email here! I look forward to chatting with you!

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