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  • Wendell Howe

    I must say, to be honest I was a bit nervous about giving an interview. Last interview I had I looked like a complete twit! I'm glad you didn't ask any questions of an embarrasing or personal nature, but conducted the meeting with complete professionalism. Big thumbs up. Oh, and thank you for the tea, black currant, right?

  • The Writer

    What a wonderful character! I do the same thing as far as characters on Twitter/Blogger combination, but never 1200 followers. Remarkable. The skill in his character warrants a massive following.

    Thank you for brightening my day with your little time-tweets.

  • Christina A. Nelson

    Oh yeah: Wendell is awesome! I have so much fun reading up on his little adventures!

  • Christina A. Nelson

    Wendell: I always like to keep my interviews respectful! I'm so glad it was to your liking! I had a great time interviewing you, and yes; black currant!

  • Daniel

    Most awesome interview EVER! This really was great! Now I understand Wendell a bit more. :D

  • Christina A. Nelson

    Thanks so much! I'm flattered! I was hoping it would do that!

  • mousewords

    Fabulous interview! What an inspiration–Wendell is so real I expect to bump into him on the street. (And apparently, that's not unusual.) ;-) I *want* to say, masterful writing, what character development! But I feel like it'd be insulting him to insinuate he's fictional. Well done, Jeanette. :-)

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