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  • "Rodimus" Ben Lundy

    That's pretty cool. The hardest part about getting inspired is hanging onto it and translating it into hard work later. I remember getting really inspired by a lot of stuff I saw in Scotland, but that hasn't translated into a lot of productivity to me (natural born procrastinator), so kudos to you for sticking with the writing, I know you do it religiously. Did you go on any pub tours when you were there? We went to the pub where Sir Walter Scott hung out.

  • Christina A. Nelson

    Thanks, Ben! *beams* You should totally just sit down with some of the ideas you had with a pen and paper and see what comes out.
    I didn't go on any other tours except a few of the colleges where I believed Tolkien and Lewis went, as well as the church/school where they filmed Hogwarts locations for Harry Potter. I had my priorities! Was Sir Walter Scott's pub in Oxford or Scotland?

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